Representing Women in Divorce and Family Law


Once the decision to proceed with divorce is made, it is vital that you develop a strategic plan for the future. Divorce can be one of the most painful life events you will endure. During the upheaval of divorce it can be difficult to know which way to turn. Your situation is unique. We understand what you are facing and how to guide you with experience and compassion. Legal counsel early in this process is essential. It is crucial that you prepare legally, financially and emotionally for life post-divorce.

Women Make Up the Majority of Divorce Filings

According to a study published by American Law and Economics Review, current divorce filings are initiated by women in two thirds of the cases. Among college educated couples, approximately 90% of filings are initiated by women. Much research has been devoted to understanding these findings. Today, women are more likely to have their own career, tend to be more financially independent, and are less likely to stay in a bad marriage. It may also be true that women are less tolerant of infidelity because they see themselves as an equal partner.

When children are involved, helping them cope with the divorce is priority. Many resources exist for parents. These articles may be helpful to you: and

There are numerous resources and counseling options to help you help your children. Holtey Law will assemble a team to assist you every step of the way. It is possible for you and your children to emerge stronger, happier and more confident than ever. It would be our privilege to serve you during this journey.

Divorce and Family Law Services

Holtey Law offers legal counsel regarding many aspects of Family Law in the state of Oregon, including:

Legal Advice when You Need It

At Holtey Law, we understand that going through a divorce, marriage dissolution, or other family law matter can be one of the most difficult times of your life. It is also a time when you may be most vulnerable. These decisions made now, will affect you for many years to come. It is the time for expert counsel.


“When my life took an unexpected turn, and I ended up fighting HARD for the custody of my daughter, Holtey Law was the best decision I could have made. When I was faced with the sea of unknown in the legal system for the first time, they took the time, care and compassion to guide me through, keep me calm, and in check (at times) and was my saving grace. They defended me with professionalism, knowledge and toughness when up against our opposing counsel. And he won my case!!! Not only was Holtey Law available to me within reason, the office staff and assistants are excellent. They take the time to talk with you when someone isn’t available and do a superb job in getting you what you need. I couldn’t be more grateful that they were on my side.”

– Kealie Clark

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