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We Initiate and Defend Appeals

What is an appeal?

In an appeal of a family law or divorce case, one or both parties apply to a higher court for a review of the trial judge’s decision. In general, family law matters are first appealed to the Oregon Court of Appeals. Once the Oregon Court of Appeals has issued its decision, either party may apply for another round of review by the Oregon Supreme Court. The Oregon Supreme Court has discretion over whether or not it will offer review, but the Court of Appeals will hear and decide on any appeal that is properly submitted.

How long will an appeal take?

Appeals generally do not involve any new testimony or evidence. Instead, the proceedings from the trial are transcribed and the evidence already admitted is made available to the appellate court. In certain scenarios, the decision that is being challenged can be put on hold while the appeal is decided. The amount of time that it takes for an appeal to have an effect is highly variable from case to case.

Why hire an attorney for your appeal?

The rules and procedures for appeals are separate from those in the trial court. The appellate courts are separate courts with separate rules. Accordingly, it is very important to obtain the guidance of an experienced appellate attorney. As a full-service family law firm, Holtey Law is equipped to initiate or defend any and all appeals in the family law realm.

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Tailored Legal Advice From Holtey Law

At Holtey Law, family law appeals attorneys have the knowledge and experience you need to make an informed decision about whether you have solid grounds for an appeal. We can also defend you if the other side has appealed the trial court’s decision.

It’s normal to feel uncertain, insecure, or angry right now. Legal counsel and guidance will help you act swiftly and effectively. 

Nathan is an amazing attorney! He is obviously very highly respected by both the courts and other attorneys, which is comforting going into a hearing. He’s not only a great attorney but a great person too, and it felt good to have someone like him on my side. If you need a family law attorney, I highly recommend Nathan Holtey!

– Carrie H.

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