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Don’t leave anything to chance. Protect your future and provide for your loved ones. The estate planning attorneys at Holtey Law are here to help you. Your estate took a lifetime to build. Shouldn’t you plan for whatever happens next?

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Are you married? Do you have children? Do you own a home? Do you have a retirement account? Have valuable or sentimental property? You need to start thinking about and planning your estate. Who will care for your children? What will happen if you suffer a serious illness? Will your spouse or partner be responsible for paying estate taxes?

There’s so much to think about. Planning your estate isn’t something you should take chances on. At Holtey Law in Portland, our estate planning attorneys are here to help. We’ll answer your questions and provided expert guidance based on our experience and expertise.

If you’re looking to protect your carefully built wealth and make sure your family is taken care of, you need to consult with an estate planning lawyer today. We can draft agreements, advise you on your rights, and much more.

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Questions & Answers: Estate Planning

Why do I need a lawyer to make a will? Can’t I just do it online?

There are many tools and resources available to help create a will. However, unless your will is prepared with the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney, you can never be sure that it’s legally valid. At Holtey Law, we are diligent and leave no detail to chance.

What is a trust?

A trust is a legal and financial tool that can be used to manage, invest, and allocate property in your estate. A trust can be used to reduce your estate’s tax liability, protect property in your estate, or to avoid probate. Your trust may be used to set aside funds for your child’s education or provide steady income to a family member in need.

Why do I need a living will?

Your living will dictates your wishes regarding life support in the event that you can’t communicate your end-of-life wishes yourself. Your living will can help reduce the emotional and financial burden on your surviving family members and make sure that your own wishes are followed.

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Expert Guidance From Holtey Law

At Holtey Law, our experienced estate planning lawyers are here to help you protect what you’ve spent your life creating. We can prepare your will, set up trusts, and much more. By working closely with you, learning about your unique situation and goals, we can create an estate planning solution tailored to meet your needs.

“Nathan is an amazing attorney! He is obviously very highly respected by both the courts and other attorneys, which is comforting going into a hearing. He’s not only a great attorney but a great person too, and it felt good to have someone like him on my side. If you need a family law attorney, I highly recommend Nathan Holtey!”

– Carrie H.

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Your representation starts with a phone consultation. We’re ready to learn everything about your situation, assets, and family. We want to hear your goals and how you’d like to plan your estate. Our estate planning lawyers can help you develop a strategy designed to produce the best outcome for you and your family.

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