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Engaged or thinking about marriage? You owe it to yourself to protect your assets, rights, and property. The prenup attorneys at Holtey Law are ready to answer your questions and help you.

Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right For You?

Prenuptial agreements are a great idea for couples who:

  • Are bringing significant assets or debts into the marriage
  • Have children
  • Own a business or property

When you don’t know what the future holds, you need to be prepared. The prenuptial agreement attorneys at Holtey Law can help you negotiate and prepare a prenup.

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Questions & Answers: Prenuptial Agreements

What is a prenup?

A prenup is a binding legal agreement. It is intended to preemptively address issues that may become contentious if the marriage ends.

Are prenups only for rich people?

No! You can never be too prepared for your future. If you or your future spouse are carrying significant student loan debt, own a home or business, or have a child from a previous relationship, a prenup can help you feel more secure and prepared for whatever the future holds.

What can be covered in a premarital agreement?

No two prenups are alike. When you work with a prenuptial agreement attorney at Holtey Law, we’ll review your individual needs and draft a prenup that works for you. Your agreement might cover:

  • Property ownership – Clearly delineating property being brought into the marriage by both parties
  • Day-to-day practicalities – Who owns vehicles, whether bank accounts will be jointly held, etc.
  • Spousal support – In the event the marriage ends what support will be provided
  • Property distribution – What will happen to individually owned or jointly held property if the marriage ends

Prenuptial Agreement Terms to Know

  • Operative/Separation Event or Termination – Divorce, separation or another event that triggers the prenup
  • Marital property – Property earned or acquired after the marriage
  • Separate property – The property one party brings to the marriage
  • Sunset clause – A clause in the prenup that sets an expiration date or otherwise changes terms

9 Common Prenup Mistakes

  1. Thinking you don’t need one
  2. Writing a prenup without an attorney on your side
  3. Waiting until the last minute
  4. Hiding assets or keeping secrets
  5. Being too emotional
  6. Signing a prenup just to get it over with
  7. Failing to disclose property or debts
  8. Relying on an oral prenup
  9. Creating a prenup that can’t be enforced
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Expert Guidance From Holtey Law

At Holtey Law, our experienced lawyers are here to help protect your rights. We can help draft and negotiate your prenuptial agreement. By working closely with you, learning about your unique situation and goals, we can create an agreement tailored to meet your needs.

“Nate is an excellent family law lawyer. You will not go wrong with entrusting your legal matter to him. He knows what is important to you and to the court, and he is able to meld the two seamlessly and professionally. I just completed a case with him and he did an exemplary job under difficult circumstances and obtained an excellent result for his client.

– Vincent B.

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Drafting a prenuptial agreement begins with a phone consultation. Our prenup attorneys are ready to learn everything about your situation, assets, and family. We want to hear your goals and how you’d like to plan for your future. Our attorneys can help you develop a premarital agreement designed to produce the best outcome for you and your family.

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