High-Asset Marriage Dissolution

Holtey Law is home to Portland’s most trusted high-asset divorce attorneys. We are here to help protect your wealth, defend your rights, and fight for your best interests.

You Need a Partner Focused on Your Rights

When working with high-income and high-net-worth couples, the divorce attorneys at Holtey Law are uniquely equipped to help. Our first concern will be to educate you regarding options. Through an in-depth discovery process with candid, sensitive attention, our firm will assess your situation and explain your options.

We offer clarity, guidance, and experience through this difficult time.

Holtey Law is adept at negotiating advantageous settlements out of court without compromising on the outcome. One benefit of an out-of-court settlement is that certain information can be kept out of the public record. Oftentimes if information must be shared with the other side, we insist it’s disclosed only after a confidential protective order is in place to limit disclosure of the sensitive information. Our firm offers discreet, professional counsel.

Equitable Division of Property

Oregon law provides for the division of property (assets and debts) to be equitable. The division of marital property can be complex and overwhelming. It’s crucial that the valuation and allocation of marital property be current and accurate. Holtey Law’s divorce lawyers will work diligently to ensure that all assets are discovered and valued appropriately.

Marital property may include:

  • Real estate
  • Personal property including home furnishings and vehicles
  • Investment accounts, securities, and life insurance
  • Tax credits and carryovers
  • Vested and unvested stock options
  • Enterprise goodwill
  • Pensions, IRAs, other retirement accounts
  • Business property
  • Professional practices
  • Closely held family businesses

When working with high-net-worth individuals, our team of experts often includes forensic accountants, certified public accountants, appraisers, and financial planners. We strive to protect your long-term economic interests.

Divorce Facts You Need to Know


Don’t try to go it alone. With high wealth individuals, there is no such thing as a simple divorce. Our divorce attorneys will help you make smart, informed decisions.


Your divorce lawyer is an investment.
We will help protect your future happiness, wellbeing, and financial stability.


No two cases are alike. Your case and your needs are unique. Only when we know the specifics of your situation can we provide a truly valuable answer to your questions.

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Expert Guidance From Holtey Law

Our experience tells us that it’s best to deal calmly and rationally with the legal and financial issues you are now facing. However, in the throes of divorce and custody cases it can be difficult to do this.

It is normal to feel worried, insecure, angry, or depressed. Legal counsel and guidance can help you act swiftly and effectively. We’ll help you protect yourself and protect your children.

“If you are looking for an attorney who will fight for you and go the extra mile, then Nathan Holtey is the attorney for you. Nathan really cares and loves what he does. His staff is very professional and everything is done in a timely manner and very efficiently. I am very happy with my outcome thanks to Nathan.”

– Monika E.

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It starts with a phone consultation. We’re ready to learn everything about your situation, assets affected, and children involved. From there, we’ll develop a strategy designed to produce the best outcome for you and your family.

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