Going through a divorce can be as emotionally challenging as other life-changing events, such as the birth of a first child or serious illness or death of a loved one. Expect to experience many emotions as you move through the divorce process. We can offer general guidance, as well as advice for your specific situation.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Resist the temptation to isolate yourself during this difficult time. The stress and turmoil of divorce is a time when you need support–from friends, family and often a professional counselor. Even if you have been emotionally healthy in the past, we recommend seeking help to stay healthy. This can mean traditional counseling, a divorce support group, or regular emotional support from a trusted friend who has been there. The knowledge alone of what others experience during the divorce process can mitigate feelings of self-doubt.

It is also important that you get a checkup from your doctor. Think of it as a way to symbolize moving into a new phase of your life.  Take time to nurture and care for yourself; divorce is the end of a marriage, but the beginning of a new life for you. You deserve to take good care of yourself.

Keeping the Bigger Picture in Mind

We recognize how challenging and stressful communicating with your spouse can be. We can help you develop new ways of communicating with your spouse, and we can step in for you when you prefer or the situation calls for it. We encourage you to keep the bigger picture in mind. As difficult as it may be, acting respectfully toward your spouse is often the best way to ensure a smoother emotional ride for yourself in the process. You may relish the thought of letting him or her have a piece of your mind for the first time in years, but you may be caught off guard and find yourself reeling as the other side responds in kind or even takes the conflict to a level you regret. We will help you determine when it’s appropriate to call your spouse on the carpet for some bad deed and when it’s advisable to let it slide, for your own good.

If children are involved, take extra care to avoid venting to them about your spouse. Children face more stress and pain when subjected to conflict between parents. They often cannot help but feel personally attacked when their parent is being criticized, even when the criticism is warranted. You will want to look back on this time and know that you did your best to set a good example for your children.

Holtey Law has the expertise to handle complicated legal proceedings and fight for your best interests. We will guide you on every aspect of your case, whether it is how to interpret nasty letters from the opposing counsel or how to mentally prepare for court or a big mediation. You can help the divorce process by being mentally and emotionally prepared for each step.

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