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Why You Shouldn’t File Your Own Divorce

Can you handle your own divorce? Maybe. Was your marriage short, with no children or assets? Do you have plenty of free time to look up things in a legal library, find out how and where to get the forms you need, and go to court? In this case, you might be able to file […]

How Child Support is Calculated in Oregon

Child support may be awarded in divorce cases and custody/parenting time cases involving unmarried parents.  Children under the age of 18 may be entitled to child support unless they are married, emancipated, or have become self-supporting.  Additionally, children over the age of 18 through their 21st birthday may be entitled to child support if they […]

Children and Divorce: 8 Ways to Help Kids Cope

Divorce is painful enough without kids in the picture. When kids are in the picture, it can get even more complicated.  Here’s your guide to helping your kids cope. When you’re feeling defensive, angry, and hurt, it’s tempting to use your children as messengers: asking them for information about your spouse, making them relay information, […]